See what clients are saying about JAF!

28 Jul by nickyferrara

See what clients are saying about JAF!


Too many times in this business people are quick to complain and much to slow to say thank you. You may or may not be aware, but I ran into a problem with the latest container from India.  My bank lost a set of documents and delayed the entire entry process. I called Joe in a panic and he told me exactly what needed to be done. This afternoon, I received a FAX from APL notifying me that the container was going into General Delivery. I called your office and young lady named Kathy took my information, calmed me down, contacted the line and got back to me within 15 minutes with the answers I needed. Nick, thank you for having real live people to speak with instead of a phone prompt system that only allows me to speak to a computer, and most importantly, thank you for having employees that understand what it means to be in a service business.”

Best Regards,

John  Advanced Spice & Trading