Insurance, Customs Bonds & Other Formalities

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Cargo Insurance

Shippers cannot foresee every challenge that they may face in the supply chain; inclement weather, damaged or complete loss of cargo. Many shippers believe that their cargo is covered by the carrier, trucker or possibly a freight forwarder which is not always the case. JAF Global Logistics can ensure that the full value of your cargo is covered anywhere, anytime. There are many different policies through which you can insure your goods and we make it our job to find the best policy suited for you and your company. Contact your customer representative to discuss the options available so you can ship your goods knowing we have you covered!

Customs Bonds

One of the first steps in the import process is acquiring a customs bond for your company. Depending on the frequency of your shipments, we can help your company find the best suited bond for your needs. We can also assist in obtaining bonds for the temporary import of goods in order to avoid paying unnecessary large duties and taxes. Are you importing goods subject to Anti-dumping or Countervailing duties? Our relationship with the surety companies can fast track the acquisition of those bonds so you can avoid lengthy delays in getting your cargo covered.


Drawbacks, Personal Effects and Hand Carry Shipments

JAF Global Logistics can help importers process a variety of unique entries and tedious customs documentation. In cases of returned, refused or destroyed goods, we can process customs drawbacks to recoup any duties where you may be entitled to a refund.  Arriving to the U.S. with high end valuables? Let us process the entry prior to your arrival so that your shipment will be released upon your arrival. Expecting a shipment of personal effects? We can walk you through the process and your goods will be duty free.